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8 Things Child Life Specialists want you to know for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


8 Things Child Life Specialists want you to know for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

We are in the modern era still each year it is seen that more than 15000 kids and the adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with a killer disease cancer. The families in which this disease has created a disaster are in need of supervision, assistance, and support and need someone who can help through this situation. The specialists are certified to help and are trained to do just like that.

Child life specialists are the professionals who offer helps to the cancer patients who are children and also help their families in hospitals and to cope up with the various challenges relating to the illness and disability.

As September is known for the Childhood Cancer Awareness month, the specialists or professionals are asked to share their role as for why it is important to know about the Childhood cancer awareness month.

The 8 things which a Child Life Specialists want every individual to know for Childhood Cancer Awareness are:

1. Child Life specialist supports the children and motivates them to fight against the disease and not to lose hope at all. They realize them to fight the disease and help to remove the fear from them.

2. They provide the tools which are needed while the treatment and the diagnosis. Also helps after the treatment to cope with the disease. They influence the children not to help themselves only but to help other children and their families to fight against the disease.

3. The foremost objective of a child life specialist is to smile forever in any situation in front of the children and their families so that they can give a hope to them and also tries their best to help them in whatever way they can. They only try to see the world when the cancer is no more there.

4. Child Life specialist also provides inspirational and educational resources during their treatments and also provides a kind of service which helps them to bright their life and brings shine to their life.

5. Child life specialist also organizes some sort of plays, singing and dancing competitions, paintings and outdoor games to distract them and make them happy. They just try the kids to be just themselves so that they can forget everything and just enjoy.

6. They also not only helps in removing fear but also teaches them about the changes in their body in the way that becomes easy for the children and their families to understand as it takes a long time around 2-3 years to complete the whole process of treatment and also quotes examples and experiences which are important for them.

7. As the cancer disease not only affects the kids but also their families. So the child life specialist helps the families also, in the same way, to make them understand the body changes while in the procedure by quoting examples to them also.

8. Child life specialist provides services which are top notch and also evidence-based, appropriate developmental plans which include the play, educating the children and their families to reduce fear, anxiety, and pain..

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