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How To Save You and Your Child From Swine Flu


How To Save You and Your Child From Swine Flu

Swine influenza otherwise called swine flu is a respiratory disease caused by type A influenza virus. The disease is spread from pigs.

This is a type of disease which can be overwhelmed through proper care and precautions. Generally speaking, children are the most vulnerable section who might catch up any disease so quickly since their immunity system is defendable compared to elders.

Keep track of symptoms :

If your child is experiencing cold tailed with a cough and sneezing there are chances that he/she is suffering from swine flu. If the baby was having the asthma-related disease before, parents must be so keen to follow a controlled medication to the child.


Self precautions

There is nothing serious to be worried about swine flu unless we take self-precautions and self-treatments at home itself can drive out the severity to a major extent. Ensure if the child has given vaccination to swine flu. Let’s find some reference for it:

● Maintain a hygienic surrounding near the infected child.

● Ensure that the virus is not let to spread to other family members and cleanliness is advised to be ensured.

● Teach the child some healthy practices to avoid the disease spread to other people.

● Ensure the instant supply of liquid type food to the child such as fruit juices, broth, and filter water.

● Chicken soup is a best homemade medicine.

● Always keep track of body temperature of your child.

Precautions for adults

While child suffering from swine flu, family members may also get it transmitted from the child. If you notice any of the following symptoms you may suspect if you are caught with swine flu:

● Struggling with respiratory issues which obstructs easy breathing.

● Feeling dehydrated and sense of thirst.

● Lips turning the purple color.

● Feel like vomiting.

● Not urinating for a long period.

If you notice any of above symptoms, approach a good health practitioner as soon as possible. Treatment for swine flu is more or less the same as that mentioned above for children.

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