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How to Save Your Children from Chronic Disease


How to Save Your Children from Chronic Disease

This article is all about how to save your children from chronic disease. Talking about chronic diseases may raise many questions in our mind. We all know what chronic diseases are.

Due to today’s lifestyle and environment, many of us are exposed to these diseases.

Even though we are provided with modern medical facilities, there is no exception for chronic diseases.

In this world where even the adults can’t withstand this completely messed up scenario, children are no exception.

Children are fragile beings, we should handle with care.

A Child’s health and happiness is a parent’s first and foremost wish.

Every child needs to be pampered, loved and provided with a healthy life.

Now let’s look into How to save your Children from Chronic Disease and their Safety Measures


Asthma is mainly caused due to certain factors like underweight during birth or overweight, due to high intake of antibiotics, exposure to the violent atmosphere, parents with depression and some other genetic reasons.

Its symptoms include chest tightening, coughing, sneezing, difficulty in breathing etc.

But this can be controlled to an extent through proper medications and avoid the exposure to pollutant air, cigarette smoke, pollen grains, allergens etc.

Cystic fibrosis

It is a genetic disease which affects not only lungs but also liver, kidney-pancreas. Its symptoms include coughing, poor growth, difficulty in breathing etc.

Pancreatic enzyme replacement, lung transplantation, antibiotic intake are some of the treatment given for this disease.

But still, it cannot be cured when the stage changes. Yet treatment at the early stage is preferable (parental stage).


Obesity among children is mainly due to the modern lifestyle such as the rising in the intake of fast foods and due lack of exercise.

It can be avoided to a maximum extent by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper intake of nutritious foods and with regular exercise.

Obesity can also be controlled before the childbirth by maintaining a healthy diet by the mother during her pregnancy period.


Having diabetes either type A or type B at an early stage causes various problems.

It increases the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases, stroke and diabetes-related complications.

For obesity, safety measures such as healthy diet and physical exercise should be made as a part of children’s lifestyle in order to safeguard their health.


Malnutrition among children leads to intellectual development problems, anemia, inadequate immune system etc.

Providing proper healthy foods and proper sanitation facility to our children etc can be done to prevent malnutrition.

Wind-Up Summary

Apart from this, precautions to be taken include proper communication and sharing emotions with the parent to child, awareness to the parents about the disease and having a regular pediatrician for the child. Here in Dr. Dinesh Singhal’s clinic, we provide you all of the services to you and your child at the maximum way possible.

In this article, you learned about How to save your children from Chronic Disease.

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