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How To Take Care of Low Birth Weight Babies


How To Take Care of Low Birth Weight Babies

In this article, you will know about how to take care of low birth weight babies. Nothing will make happier than a feeling of being a Mother in women life.

Everyone is waiting for this moment to happen in their life. But taking care of a baby especially a low birth weight baby is not an easy task.

A baby who is less than 2500 grams (2.5 kgs) is described as Low Birth Weight Baby.

If you are one among these, don’t panic. You are not only who is in this situation but a lot of others facing the same one.

It is important to take care of your newborn and here are few tips for you to help you out in this situation.

Tips on How To Take Care of Low Birth Weight Babies:


We all know mother milk is best for their children. Feed your child on the regular interval to help him in gaining his weight.

If a baby is unable to suck then squeeze your breast gently and drop milk on baby lips gently to encourage him for sucking.

If still, this method is not working then use cup feeding. Squeeze milk into a cup and feed your baby with a spoon in first few days of baby birth.

Keep Your Baby Warm

It’s very important that you keep your baby warm.

Also, make sure that bed should be cozy and warm. Dress your baby in lightweight pajamas and use the certified blanket.

Don’t dress your baby in more than one layer. Keep in mind of room temperature and don’t leave your baby in a room with open window or door.


It’s best to sleep next to your baby to make him feel warm and secure. It will also help you in breastfeeding on the regular interval and monitor your baby. Also, make sure your baby should sleep on his back, not on the tummy.

Take Care like a Kangaroo

It is recommended that you take care of your baby in the same ways Kangaroos do. It means, holding your baby in a skin- to- skin contact and keep a close eye on 24 hours a day.

Skin- to- Skin contact helps your baby to get his body warm and a comfortable sleep.

Get additional support either from baby’s grandmother or other capable adults in the family to help in monitoring your baby.

Keep the Baby Away From Infection

Low birth weight babies are more vulnerable to infection. Make sure you should not allow visitors to go near your baby especially if they have an infection. At the same time, you also take care of yourself to not get infected as you are the one who will be in regular contact with baby.

Regularly Visit the Doctor

Visit your doctor regularly to keep a track of the growth of your baby and take corrective action on time. Ensure your baby gets all his vaccines on time.

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