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Prevention Is Our Best Choice

Prevention Is Our Best Choice


Prevention Is Our Best Choice



Malaria is one of the world’s deadliest diseases of the blood and remains one of the top child killers on the planet that is caused by the Plasmodium parasite, which is spread from person to person by a particular type of mosquito. A child dies every 30 seconds from Malaria. There are more than 225 million cases of malaria each year, killing around 1 million people.

Malaria is preventable, detectable and treatable. However, it still destroys the life of thousands of people every year. Now, a quick question for you?

Don’t you think prevention is better than the cure for the child? The answer is right.

At present, medical research and treatment are so costly that often people strongly suggest that we should prevent these diseases from occurring instead of treating them from happening. Children are the first vulnerable group than adults or old that fall easily to malaria than the rest. The easiest way to prevent the possibility of contracting malaria is to stay clear of malaria areas.

Simple common indoor duties of our daily life, which can prevent these diseases instead of treating them from happening –

      • Spray mosquito meshes on the bathroom, toilet and indoor drains. Keep your washroom accessories dry. Let sunlight spread your washroom daily, if possible.
      • Do not store any stagnant water in your house or let your child play near dirty places in the playground or garden where mosquitoes can breed, spray in your household scrubs daily. Try to attire full sleeves to avoid mosquito bite.
      • Carry a mask, if someone has a fever in your home. It will help to prevent for rest of members in that house infected with the disease.
      • Use mosquito net for infants and children under 5 years.
      • Whenever your child sleeps in daytime or night. Newborns and Childs are more sensitive to these fatal diseases.
      • Clean every corner and Keep your house floors dry. Spray insecticides in every corner of your house.
      • Have the vaccines in your health clinics or Government hospitals for adults and children for controlling vector-borne diseases.
      • Light colored clothing is advisable to keep the mosquitoes away.
      • Spend more time in air conditioning spaces where mosquitoes can’t linger around for a long period of time.
      • Citronella oil is an herbal mosquito repellent. You can regularly use it with floor cleaning substances.


Life is short and beautiful, and, if a considerable part of it is taken up in inviting worries and then curing them, how will human manage to live a life worth the name? Every effort should be made to prevent worries and difficulties, and it must be practiced to every respect of life. Someone has rightly said if the principle of “prevention is better than cure” is faithfully and firmly followed, mental and physical suffering can be avoided, and an extensive amount of expense need not be spent at all.

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