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Newborn feeding and nutrition

Newborn feeding and nutrition

Infancy is the prime time for growth and development of our body, and it is the most confusing time for a new parent. New parents are often found taking contradictory advice as to what should they give to their infant for its healthiest start. As whatever is given to a child during that time has a long-term effect on immune system and the overall aging of your infant.

First six months

Breast Milk Is Best For Both Mommy And Baby

Breast milk should be your child’s sole nutrition source for first 6 months. It helps the baby develop and grow properly and it also gives the infant the power to fight off diseases (such as gastrointestinal and respiratory infections).
Healthy eating for mom is important
What you eat is what your child will eat as what a mom drink or eat can pass into breast milk. Mothers should:

· Limit alcohol, caffeine etc.
· Eat organic when possible and avoid most seafood.
· Breast milk will be healthy when the mother eats healthy while she is pregnant and breastfeeding.

Additional supplements

Some babies need extra supplements at times:

VITAMIN D: most women are low in vitamin D and the deficiency passes on to their infants. So when pregnant, a woman should test their vitamin D level and if found low they should look for the safest option for their infant.

VITAMIN B12: Vegan mom should supplement with vitamin B12
Fluids and hydration: Infants can quickly become dehydrated. Use urine as a color guide: Dark yellow will signify dehydration and clear urine signify potential over dehydration.

Months six to twelve months



It usually happens when a baby is around 6 months old. At first, offer solid food in addition to breast milk, not as a replacement for it. The first solid food should be more liquid like.


Don’t rush offer one new food every 3-4 days. It gives you time to see how a baby responds. If you notice any negative reaction (skin, or GI issues), wait 1-4 months before trying that food again.
Timeline for solid food


Rice with breast milk or formula milk is the most common first food child as it has the low potential for any kind of allergy.


Vegetables which are easy to cook and mash like sweet potato or carrots are full of nutrients.


Introduce fruits after vegetables or else your child will expect everything to taste as sweet as fruit. You can try:
· Crushed banana with breast milk
· Puréed fruits like apple or pear

Higher protein food time

It includes well cooked and mashed beans, green peas, finely chopped meat. Some undigested food might be found in stool but that’s okay it is a part of a process.


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