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When Your Newborn Baby Is Sick

When Your Newborn Baby Is Sick


When Your Newborn Baby Is Sick

In this article, you will learn about when your newborn baby is sick. Newborn babies are the world’s most precious gift for any parent. Life changes when you will see and feel those little fingers, feet, smile and it will melt your heart.

On the other hand, a single tear will make your heartburn. Taking care of a Newborn baby is the biggest challenge as baby won’t tell you what he/she is going through. Understanding your little for a new mommy/parent becomes more difficult when things get out of their control.

How to protect from germs attack

The world is new for this Newborn and being very low on immune system germs attack is the most common thing that can happen and make a child sick.

  • Everybody in the family has to take care of cleanliness.
  • Washing hands and usage of sanitizers should be made mandatory before touching baby.
  • Disinfectors should be used in baby surroundings to keep the virus away.
  • Regardless of all precautions, it is not possible to protect your Newborn from germs and virus all the time.

So, if a child is younger than three months and you feel that he/ she is not well doctor should be contacted immediately without any second thought.

Another sickness that can worry you is Fever. On touching your baby you feel that body temperature is increasing. Don’t worry and take it easy.

Fever is an indication that your little is responding naturally and fighting against the virus.

The first thing that we humans do is cover our baby with lots of clothes thinking that due to fever Newborn must be feeling cold.

This thought may not be correct every time. As the Newborn’s cannot manage their temperature on own we should not overheat them by putting on so many clothes. Rather dress your baby in light clothing so that temperature can be adjusted accordingly. Being mother you are the best person for little but don’t become a doctor, consult pediatrician immediately.

Running nose, cold, cough, sneezing are some of the infection that is always behind a child. Be it Newborn or elder child cold and cough are always a big headache for parents all the time. During this time do not force your child to eat. By forcing them you will only frustrate them and might result in vomit as well. Being small, babies cannot blow their nose. Blockage of the nose also creates a problem in breathing and sleeping. You may use aspirator and give steam frequently so that passage in nose opens. Also, position baby on an incline as it will also ease in breathing.

Mother’s intuition is very powerful and correct as well. So if any point of time you feel that your baby is uncomfortable or not feeling well just cancel everything as you won’t get anything when your baby is sick. All you need to do is approach doctor at earliest.

In this article, you will learn about when your newborn baby is sick.

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