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D.N.B. (Paediatrics, Delhi)

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Neonatologist Specialist in Dwarka

Neonatologist Specialist in Dwarka

The wonderful birth process of a baby is challenging task for both mom and newborn. A life outside mother’s body brings dramatical changes to the world of fetal life. All babies are born different. Some are born healthy, some are born premature, and some babies need intensive care. A pediatrician can help the newborn with all the health conditions. But all illness cannot still be treated by a pediatrician. Neonatologists can handle the risky conditions from premature birth to a birth defect in babies. They are highly trained to take extra care for babies who need special treatment. Not only is the defect of a baby identified, but also Neonatologists together work with an obstetrician in caring the baby and treating the defect once identified.
Dr. Dinesh Singhal is a leading child specialist in Dwarka, Delhi. Providing exceptional child care service and working the best to meet the satisfaction of patients or to understand the worries of parents, Dr. Dinesh Singhal is the best specialist over 11 years of experience in this industry.

It is extremely important to give additional care to newborn babies with danger signs towards life. The digestive system, immune system, skin of preemies need extra care which can be monitored by keeping the premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Together with NEONATOLOGIST,

Dr. Dinesh Singhal focuses on the health and life of a baby.

What is neonatal care?

Neonatal care unit is a specialized area for newborn infants born with a serious illness and is treated the first 28 days of their life. Depending upon the illness condition of the baby, the neonatal care is classified accordingly.

· Neonatal care for seriously ill babies
· Neonatal care who are not born premature but still need medical attention
What generally does a neonatologist do? Diagnosing and treating the newborn babies with disorders related to breathing and critically ill babies and premature babies are taken-care by a neonatologist.


· Premature babies are given proper treatment with proper surgery if needed.
· Any complication in the delivery room that involves medical attention to baby or mother is attended by a NEONATOLOGIST.
· Many babies are born with the illness. Medically providing care to the critically ill babies is ensured by a NEONATOLOGIST.
· Those need specialized care are examined by NEONATOLOGIST in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
· Providing advance treatment and compassionate care to the newborn is the ultimate aim of neonatologists. Our team understands and uniquely treat the baby with the difficult condition.
The health of the baby is the wealth of parents. Unlike adults, babies are physically weak in their immunity system. The overall growth of the body is yet to happen. And so, they might be vulnerable to fall ill at the early stages of infant period. This is the intensive motive for the development of a specialized and focused segment in medicine called NEONATOLOGIST.

Comparison of pediatrician and neonatologists:

Neonatologists are the specialist experts. As well-known, a pediatrician is the one who is concerned and takes care of all common illness related to the children. Contradictory to this, a neonatologist is the one who has a deeper knowledge and degree in taking care of newly born baby diseases. They are potentially skilled to identify and cure the disease of a newborn baby as well as premature babies. Their area of focus is to understand and cure the ailments in the functionality of the noble tiny body.

This rare portrait is what makes Dr. Dinesh Singhal so famous. The trust in him possessed by the parents and the belief that the cure for their child disease can be found from him makes him a highly praised and appreciated doctor.